We are a well-structured farming business located in Verona. Our priority is to produce top quality food and organic medicinal products having a high organoleptic profile, with a particular attention to biodiversity.

As all our farming activities are consistent with this holistic view, we control each phase of the supply and production chain: from cultivation, processing and packaging, to the very final steps of promotion and marketing.

We want to deserve our customers’ trust, offering them nothing but absolute excellence and meticulous attention to detail. This is why we define ourselves as "producers of value".

We are always on the lookout for research and innovations suitable for our production process and technologies as well as for management and quality control.

We want Pernigo products to bring to mind the idea of ​​well-being together with aesthetic qualities, and that’s why we make them with the greatest respect for people’s work and culture, in perfect harmony with nature.

We have a long cherished dream: to become one of the most innovative and original farms in the world, offering top notch products and to continually develop in an environment which is able to promote knowledge and new experiences.


This is our farm, deeply rooted in our traditions but always projected into the future, with the unshakeable belief that sustainable development and organic farming are not just about mere production but a real philosophy of life. For us, adopting organic farming was a natural choice as well as safeguarding the environment and enhancing our territory with its specific features.

The company owns two oil mills; this means that the entire production cycle takes place on site in our laboratory, with the attention and care that have allowed us to get the organic certification.


We strongly belief that work can be a vehicle for personal fulfillment. That’s why we humbly put all our enthusiasm and dedication in it, with a great respect for people we deeply care for: we want to enhance our human capital. Our hallmark features are Balance and Elegance together with personality, taste and education.


The value of biodiversity in the agronomic sector is a concept that goes far beyond the mere idea of nonuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers: it encompasses the more comprehensive belief that by respecting, protecting and encouraging a delicate and complex habitat where the spontaneous species are cared for, they will harmonize with the cultivated ones. With this in mind, we try to favor all the vegetal and zoological elements which can create this delicately balanced ensemble. And that’s why we have set up about 100 hives with local bee families on most of our farmland: our honeys, pollen and propolis are just a small visible part of their invaluable work.