Transparent and luminous, silk for the palate, velvet for the dishes that have the privilege to encounter it.
We like to define it as an elixir, our Green Nectar.
Our customers describe it as an extra virgin olive oil with an extremely refined flavour and elegant aroma, precious and low in acidity.
It is an oil suitable for those who love both themselves and a balanced life style, and those who love food and wine and appreciate natural tastes.
Bottle formats: glass bottles with non-refillable closures, 250 ml and 500 ml.


This is Pernigo’s leading product, and is obtained from a selection of the first olive harvest, in the pre-variason stage, hand harvested around mid-October to obtain oil with the lowest possible acidity.
This oil has exceptional olfactory qualities and aftertaste, with distinctive notes of freshness and intensity, and a light and characteristic note of pungency.
It is yellow, with green reflections, which in certain harvests become intense and brilliant.
To the nose, it reveals notes of aromatic herbs, fig leaves, and light notes of green almond.
In the mouth it is gently spicy and pungent, with just the right amount of bitterness, and its retro-olfactory duration is persistent.
This product is an excellent condiment for flavouring foods and exalting their characteristics, and is particularly suitable, in its raw state, for soups, bruschettas, pinzimonio and grilled meats, as well as salads and soft cheeses and in all authentic Mediterranean dishes.
It is very resistant to high temperatures.
Bottle formats: glass bottles with non-refillable closures, 250 ml and 500 ml.


This is an extra virgin obtained from olives harvested after the middle of October and from the production of the oldest trees.
It is balanced and harmonious, and of high organoleptic quality.
It is a pale yellow colour, with greenish reflections; the aromatic sensations describe a fruity oil of exceptional overall elegance, with notes of exotic fruit and sweet almond.
In the mouth it is persistent, but not too bitter, with a fruity aroma and a delicate, balanced flavour and very low acidity.
Suitable for all uses in the kitchen, particularly straight from the bottle, as a condiment for first courses, salads, and boiled meats, or steamed and foil-baked fish.
Our product is authentic. Its characteristic aroma derives from the association of the varieties of cultivars used, which combine to produce a medium-fruity oil. The dominant variety in our olive grove is Grignano, a plant that grown for centuries in the Veronese hills, which contributes extraordinary complexity to the oil.
What distinguishes this variety, with its unusual flavour, is the average yield in production of about 12% of the weight of the olives, with a quantity of oil extracted that varies between 1 and 3 litres per plant.
The farm owns its own olive mill, and consequently all of the production phases occur in loco in our laboratory, with attention and care that led us to obtain organic certification in 2008.
The olives are always milled on the day of their harvest, and the oil is then filtered with a delicate and innovative system, after which the oil is transferred to stainless steel tanks for conservation, in a controlled atmosphere, without shaking.
The quality is controlled and guaranteed by the rigor of our production chain, from the complete management of the olive grove to the direct sale of our products.
Our olive oil production is limited exclusively to the annual production of the olives we own or oversee.

Technical details about Pernigo’s organic extra virgin olive oil

Olive cultivars: A prevalence of Grignano, with also Leccio, Leccino, and Favarol, in conformation with the Veneto Valpolicella denomination.
Maximum total acidity: 0,2%.
Area of cultivation. The hillsides north of Verona, Italy, in the Valpantena near the district of Santa Maria in Stelle, at an altitude of 350 m.
Hectares owned: 64, of which 11 are olive groves.
Total olives 5.000, of which 2.700 are managed.
Composition of the terrain: medium consistency.
Cultivation conditions: plants are pruned annually. Phyto-sanitary treatments follow organic protocol. Cultivation forms: low polyconic vessel.
Harvest period: occurs at the right maturation point, according to evaluation of the specific degree of maturation.
Harvest technique: rigorously by hand with the aid of pneumatic rakes and on specific nets or cloths.
Holding of the olives before extraction in windowed crates, to maintain healthy fruits with the best organoleptic qualities.
Pressing: mechanical, extraction process with traditional 2-phase continuous cycle system.
For cleaning and washing, we do not use industrial or chemical treatments, defoliation occurs by ventilating the olives with a blower and washing occurs with tap water, excluding surfactants or synthetic detergents.
Crushing, with special knives or hammers, according to the product.
Kneading with horizontal and vertical, having two parallel and separate milling lines.
Mechanical separation via decanter.
Centrifugation, with a machine that removes impurities, using a centrifugal separator with stainless steel cups.
Innovative filtration using cellulose-based composite layers, in controlled atmosphere of inert gas and positive thrust without impeller pumps. Filtration, for maximum oil quality, occurs immediately after the oil leaves the decanter, to prevent any atmospheric oxidation.
Conservation at a constant temperature for all the storage time to maintain shelf life in the best possible conditions and prevent oxidation.
Bottling done in-house in 250ml and 500ml bottles, in certified Italian glass.