Ideal for making purifying, digestive, tonic, and balsamic tisanes, we cultivate these plants without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Our selection includes lavender, rosemary, thyme, helichyrsum, sage, mint, melissa, wild fennel, juniper and many other indigenous annuals and multiyear plants.
Ours is an unusual, trend-bucking choice in which we have always believed strongly: to devote substantial areas of the farm to the cultivation of aromatic and officinal herbs. In addition to contributing to the biodiversity of the place, the context is particularly suited to the cultivation of the officinal herbs due to the soil, exposure, and microclimate; in fact, from the first year, we noted the intensity of their scents, as well as the durability of the natural colours in both the fresh and dried plants.
The plants are hand harvested at the best balsamic moment, and immediately selected and dried in dedicated areas.
Once the precise drying time is complete, they are ground to the most suitable size for tisanes and packaged for your well being or finely ground and mixed, or combined with sea salt, to create marvellous condiment mixtures for meats, grilled fish, or baked goods.