Another point of pride are our essential oils, obtained by steam distillation from the fresh plants and only from the balsamic portion, hand selected flower by flower, at our in-house facility using our exclusive distilling unit.
Immediately after the harvest, in order to capture all of the aromas and the subtlest essences, we distil the flowers, the tops, and the other portions of the plants where the essential oil is most concentrated.
The water is heated using gas.
The boiler of the distiller is filled with vegetal material.
The steam penetrates the plant, breaks down the oil cells, and absorbs the “aroma of the plant” in a gaseous form; thus saturated, it is led to a cooler, condensed, and then transferred to a decanter. Here, the essential oil is separated from the perfumed herbal distillate. This distillate contains the water-soluble substance of the plant, while the essential oil contains the lipo-soluble active ingredients.
We scrupulously monitor the times and temperatures during extraction, separating the distilled perfumed waters from the essential oils of lavender, thyme, helichrysum, thyme, mint, wild fennel and sage, which we bottle in small vials for all uses of aromatherapy, essence burners, and for all domestic uses for those who seek well-being and the naturalness of the little things throughout the day.